NF-e 4.0 - Are you ready for the new version of the electronic invoice?

On July 2, 2018, the 3.10 version of the NF-e will no longer be supported. The changes in the layout of electronic invoices aim to standardize the process, increasing the tax security and control on the circulation of goods. They also intend to reduce the maintenance in the systems of NFe emission for companies that operate in Brazil and for SEFAZ, the Brazil tax authority.


See below what changes and which updates are required in SAP GRC-NF-e and ERP:

The NF-e layout change requirements are grouped over a period of time and typically require revision every two years on average. The objective is to avoid frequent changes in the NF-e layout and to reduce the need for maintenance in NF-e emission systems for companies and for SEFAZ.

The exception to this rule are adaptations that are necessary when there is a change of legislation, which must comply with a schedule that need to be observed by companies authorized by SEFAZ. The last layout revision was made in 2014. Currently the NF-e layout is in the "3.10" version.


Deadline for implementation

The deadlines for implementing the changes are:

• Homologation Environment (business test environment): 01/15/2018.

• Production Environment: 01/22/2018.

• Deactivation of the previous version: 02/07/18


Technical Upgrade

The scope of this proposal includes the technical upgrade of the new Invoice layout according to:

• Technical follow-up on Upgrade from PI 7.0 to the latest version;

• Upgrade from NF-e to version 4.0;

• Review of current processes and suitability for new requirements;

• Adaptation of XML schemas to version 4.0;

• Technical understanding of changes proposed by SAP and configuration;

• Applying SAP Notes in the ECC environment to tailor the XML Layout;

• Current BADI migration to BADI of consistency;

• Development of new validations in BADI;

• Monitoring of functional and user tests;

• Documentation of changes;

• Training for Key-User and IT department regarding changes made by the project;

• Follow-up go-live and post-production.


Origen Technologies has substantial experience in deploying and support the SAP GRC NF-e and can help you with this update or any other needs surrounding this solution.

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