The Challenge

  • How do I rollout my global template to Latin America?
  • I understand my global business processes but what do I need to plan for regarding localization in Latin America?
  • My SAP environment for Latin America has grown into a patchwork of different bolt-on solutions and 3rd party providers for managing compliance. How can I standardize my business processes and maintain compliance on SAP?
  • How do I manage regulatory changes on an on-going basis and still enable SAP to be my system of record for our Latin American operations?
The Situation

Implementing or “rolling out” SAP in complex markets such as Latin America presents many challenges and issues that require careful planning and consideration. More and more companies are extending their footprint into these emerging markets with the strategy of using an existing global template as the baseline for the implementation but are not sure how to address the unique legal and regulatory requirements that need to be in place to operate successfully in the country.


The Solution

Origen approaches rollouts and re-engineering projects to Latin America through dedicated, country-specific assessment workshops that help you plan your implementation or upgrade project accordingly.

Through these workshops, Origen is able to devise and recommend the best strategy for approaching the specific project and the specific requirements that need to be addressed from a localization perspective. As a result of this exercise, Origen consultants can detail which processes can be standardized or would need to be adapted to fit the new environment, country-specific characteristics such as fiscal reporting or e-invoicing are clearly pointed out with recommended solutions/deployment strategies, and lastly, measures are taken to address the project’s various organizational and cultural factors to ensure effective change management and overall project success.

Origen ERP Rollout, Re-Engineering & Upgrades Advantages
  • Global SAP Services and Solutions Partner
  • Strategic SAP COIL (Co-Innovation Labs) Partner with SAP Labs, Inc.
  • Stable, growing firm with an expanding global presence
  • Strong senior management in all countries where we operate (US, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina)
  • Demonstrated, comprehensive SAP capabilities with extensive implementation, upgrade, and application support experience
  • Demonstrated ability to serve small, mid-size and large organizations with complex business and IT solutions
  • Experience working in a multi-sourced and multi-cultural environment
  • Comprehensive and quality services at an attractive and aggressive price structure
  • Rollup-your-sleeves culture of doing business

Why Origen

Origen assists multinational corporations with end-to-end SAP implementation requirements that are specific to Latin American operations.

Our typical services include SAP rollouts and localization projects, functional and technical consulting for taxation and fiscal compliance, systems upgrades, SAP Application Management Services and solution offerings that have been built to support local and global trade business requirements.

We help our clients achieve operational improvements through their existing SAP ERP investment. We also pride ourselves on our ability to act as an “extension of your team”. This not only applies to time spent during the implementation phases, but more importantly through the SAP AMS support models we can engage to adapt to the needs of your day-to-day business operations. Our approach ensures that our customers gain a competitive advantage and sustainable operations that provide the proper ROI for project justification.

Origen ERP Rollout, Re-Engineering, & Upgrades Benefits

Align with the strategic objectives defined by Corporate (typically in the US), while facilitating the delivery execution of implementation projects at the local or country level.

Engage indigenous talent that is critical from a language, localization, and cultural perspective to accelerate the collaboration and adoption needed for successful international project delivery

Ensure pro-active compliance with local tax and fiscal regulation to help avoid costly fines/penalties, resulting in supply chain optimization

Self-sufficiency training so clients are not dependent on using provider resources to maintain stable business operations