Are you ready for the future?

Today’s ever growing and complex IT landscapes have brought new challenges for managers and executives of leading corporations. 

 The pace of business constantly demands a rapid and cost effective response from the technology department. Add to this equation the difficulty of dealing with unforeseen investments and changes in the availability of resources. The last thing a CIO wants to worry about when working to improve an organization is whether the infrastructure can keep pace with the need to innovate and respond to competitive pressures.

To meet these challenges and maximize these opportunities, you need a new approach that leverages cloud based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Origen provides hosting for your infrastructure, software and applications with the added advantage of dedicated personalized servers located in highly secure data centers. Your servers will be securely connected through reliable internet links.

We are qualified to help you determine the right solution and configuration for your business requirements so that you can get started quickly and only pay what you need. As your needs change, you can adapt and extend the infrastructure with minimal disruption to the IT operability.

Expect the solution your company needs. Have the ability to scale and expand the IT infrastructure as the needs of the business adapts.

Cloud services are always available and regionally linked. Our cluster architecture allows you to access advanced replica services and develop DRP & BCP for your busines

Deploy in much less time compared to using conventional servers and implementing expensive infrastructure.

Eliminate CAPEX expenditure, technological obsolescence, and additional payments for maintenance or technical support.

Choose the number of cores, RAM, and storage your company requires. Protect data entry and output, as well as applications, antivirus, NAT, DHCP service, Load Balancer, and DLP.

As a certified Global SAP Services and Solutions Partner, Origen has proven, comprehensive SAP capabilities with extensive implementation, upgrade, and application support experience. We have the skills, people, processes, infrastructure and experience required for your needs.

Origen has dedicated SAP Centers of Excellence in Latin America and brings years of regional experience to the table. Our track record for “rescuing” challenged projects along with our collaborative approach to project and risk management culminates in faster and better results for our customers.

Origen IaaS Solution Benefits

  • OpEx instead of CapEx
    Preserve cash and gain more control over you expenses with a subscription-based OpEx model.
  • Lower TCO
    Eliminate almost all upfront hardware costs.
  • Ready for SAP HANA
    Setup any SAP system including the newest SAP HANA versions.