NDS Enterprise Data Management Tools for SAP - Your Data, Your Business.

The meaningful use of data is a prerequisite for any successful business. Getting and maintaining business-ready data is crucial to the everyday readiness that your business requires.

Material shortages, missed sales opportunities, late shipments, incorrect pricing information, inaccurate financial statements, and many other business problems are often the result of poor data quality. This trend can be attributed to the growing volume of information resulting from globalization and digitization. With more and more data being generated on a daily basis, controlling its flow, monitoring its use, and managing its security have become the most common challenges for today’s enterprises.

 How can businesses address this challenge?

Origen provides methodologies, best practices and proven solutions covering all aspects of enterprise data management.

We have the people, expertise and project experience required for successfully implementing NDS data management solutions for any customer.

 Origen’s Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions are supported by three main pillars:

Zero Defect Migrations

Identify all data defects and add appropriate data enrichment elements.

Allow businesses to convert data during implementations and roll-outs based on defined data models

Allow validation of master data loads and even transaction validations across systems

Testing Cycle Management

Allows the user to capture a transaction or set of transactions and appropriate master data to automate testing cycles, validate scenarios and processes, and help training and change management.

Allows organizations to define, run, and manage their SAP system test cycles within the SAP environment

Data Governance and Management

Assist organizations manage data governance: Ownership, Stewardship, Policies, Procedures & Business and Data Rules

Providing expertise and software to assist with creating the appropriate organizational structure

Implementation and support of Origen Enforcer for proactive data enforcement without the overhead of more complex solutions

Origen NDS EDM Advantages

Cost effective monthly fees enable fewer people to do more accurate work in less time, giving you rapid ROI with little overhead or training costs.

Complete conversion of 600,000 customer records in less that 10 minutes. Guaranteed accuracy based on “preload reports.” Complete ERP data migration needs less than four people with SQL knowledge assuming the business resource can define rules.

Repeatable automated test cycle definitions reside in your SAP environment.

Hyper fast rule development expedites conversion element definition. Proven methodologies guide the project teams through the what, when and how of their data migration.

The iterative nature of multiple pre-load load cycles into SharePoint enables rapid and accurate reporting.

As a certified Global SAP Services and Solutions Partner, Origen has proven, comprehensive SAP capabilities with extensive implementation, upgrade, and application support experience. We have the skills, people, processes, infrastructure and experience required for your needs.

Origen has dedicated SAP Centers of Excellence in Latin America and brings years of regional experience to the table. Our track record for “rescuing” challenged projects along with our collaborative approach to project and risk management culminates in faster and better results for our customers.


 Origen NDS EDM Solution Benefits:

Easily sort, organize and access your data.

Organize and store data in a structured manner to enable quick, timely, and accurate decision making.

Reduce costs associated with storage acquisition and eliminate duplicate and unwanted data.