SAP ACR Brazil Option

The first cloud and subscription based SAP tax management solution available for both medium and large sized companies in Brazil.

Brazilian Tax:

  • Brazil ranked the most complex tax regime in the world
  • SPED: electronic invoicing and reporting
  • Frequent legal changes needed across multiple submission dates
  • Tax burden 36% of GDP
  • Each year, over R$100 BI fines for non-compliance

Fiscal Closing

  • Need to report huge volumes of data in short timeframes to the authorities.
  • Innumerous accessory obligations, majority not supported by SAP.
  • 3rd party solutions are not resident in SAP which leads to data inconsistency.

SAP ACR Brazil Option:

  • Hana-based platform to centralize data for fiscal reporting
  • Enables integrated tax process across multiple systems
  • Paradigm shift for managing tax compliance for Brazil
  • Allows predictive analysis and optimization of tax

Presenting SAP ACR Brazil Option

Telefonica Vivo Open Cloud launched a public cloud platform named Vivo Open Cloud, located in Vivo Tier III datacenter in Sao Paulo.

Vivo Open Cloud can provide the best cloud platform for SAP SaaS/PaaS with high performance, carrier-class security and reliability, an overall better business model that what is traditionally offered in the market today.

Origen Technologies is a Tier 1 SAP Solutions provider offering specialization of SAP localization for tax and fiscal compliance for Latin America and has entered into a strategic relationship with Huawei and Telefonica Vivo.

Origen is the sole provider of the SAP ACR via the Partner Managed Cloud (PMC) offering, which can provide on a subscription basis a solution to improve operational efficiency, mitigate tax risk, and optimize the overall productivity for financial closing processes for Brazil.

The Origen SaaS model for a certified SAP ACR PMC solution on Telefonica Vivo Open Cloud, represents a unique value proposition in the market that can be delivered as a secure, cost-effective and flexible service for the Brazil mid and large enterprise market.

Value Proposal for Brazilian Market – SAP ACR Brazil Option

  • Faster Time to Value- Repeatable Platform and Streamlined Implementation
  • Agile Deployment- Able to generate basic SPED reporting in shorter time frames
  • SAP PMC Certified Provider for SAP ACR – Exclusive Reseller of SAP ACR in a SaaS model. Can handle other solutions like SAP GRC NF-e as well
  • Subscription-Based Pricing- Includes SAP License, Hosting, and Service of ACR
  • Flexible Cost of Entry – Attractive Initial Set up Fee and low monthly fees
  • OPEX versus CAPEX
  • Great Solution for Mid-Market- Now SAP TDF is affordable and can be deployed quickly!

Software as a service is the new normal. IDC* believes that by 2019, 40% of all software revenue will be on a subscription basis. Customers are embracing cloud because they recognize the traditional technology ownership model is inadequate for agility and because they appreciate financial flexibility.
Souce: IDC InfoBrief