Keep compliant, simplify processes, maximize revenues and reduce costs and risks.

Brazil is not “just a bit more complex”. Legal compliance is estimated to be 10 times more cumbersome to achieve in Brazil in comparison to the US or Europe. There are over 5,500 tax laws to interpret, constant updates initiated by the Brazilian government, Electronic Invoice (NF-e) submission, various incorporation needs, “substituição tributária,” tax recovery benefits to consider, fiscal benefits, and secondary filing obligations – on state, city and municipal levels. These complex requirements require companies to use adequate technological and information management tools to automate and efficiently manage the compliance process.

In order to successfully operate in Brazil, a technological evolution must occur within most organizations. The goal is to empower companies to optimize the time and costs related to handling the complex scenarios that are unique to Brazil – such as accounting/fiscal period closing, asset control, bank integration, BRGAAP, tax calculation/retention, legal reports release, human resources management, logistics innovation, integration of customer, vendor, government agency and business partner processes.
This digital transformation scenario should also address other areas such as Big Data and government oversight. Companies require a strategy for systems
maintenance and legacy system integration to optimize their overall landscape.

How does a company deal with all this complexity? How does one take advantage of the market opportunities that exist in Brazil while reducing the costs and risks associated with compliance?

Origen’s SAP Brazil Localization solution automates and simplifies financial, accountable, fiscal, logistics, and foreign trade management processes, thus guaranteeing compliance with Brazilian law.

The localized Brazilian processes are available on the most current SAP ERP suites such as S4/HANA and ECC and includes specific solutions for Brazilian compliance such as SAP GRC-NFe (SAP Electronic Invoicing for Brazil) and SAP ACR. SAP’s capabilities for handling complex Brazil localization include:

  • Specific Documents and Movement types for Brazilian operations utilization
  • Flexibility in tax rules calculation using the TAXBRA engine
  • Capable of handling Brazilian taxes and contributions including: ICMS, IPI, PIS, COFINS, ISS, INSS, IR, CSLL, II, IOF, FGTS, IPTU, IPV
  • Enabled specifically for Brazilian deployment, at the principal register (master data) of SAP ERP, as customer, material and vendor
  • Various codification and classification types for Brazilian material and operations, including NCM, CFOP, CST, CEST
  • Tax Retention (MP135, LC116)
  • Incoming and outgoing electronic documentation monitoring: NFe, CT-e, NFS-e, NFC-e, MDF-e, Manifesto do Destinatário, Eventos e-Social
  • Integration with government agency systems (ex: SEFAZ, eSocial)
  • Legal report generation (ex: SPED)
  • Integration file layout configuration with main Brazilian Banks (ex: Itaú, Bradesco, Banco do Brasil)
  • Material Ledger
  • Asset depreciation calculation and CIAP
  • CPCs attendance
  • Legal Requirements related to personal administration, payment roll, electronic appointment, benefits management, and medicine and working safeguards


SAP Brazil Localization Advantages

SAP has dedicated development centers in Brazil to maintain and develop new products to attend to new and upcoming Brazilian legal and fiscal requirements.

Information consolidation is made easier, allowing for standardization, improved systems maintenance, legacy system integration, and cost reduction.

Integrated Business Processes compliant with Brazilian regulations running on a modern platform utilizing HANA, SAP's high performance in-memory database.

SAP Brazil localization has been adopted by the majority of Large and Medium sized Brazilian companies, as well as worldwide companies with subsidiaries in Brazil.

As a recognized “Go-To-Market” SAP Partner, Origen specializes in the implementation and development of the SAP Nota Fiscal Eletrônica solution (SAP NF-e) to guarantee fiscal compliance for the logistics, financial and foreign trade compliance areas of operating in Brazil. This designation qualifies Origen as a strategic and preferential SAP partner for implementing and maintaining the solution for companies worldwide.

Origen is also an official SAP partner for offering Cloud solutions and the only American-based company that participates as an SAP COIL (Co-Innovation Lab) Partner for the SAP TDF (Tax Declaration Framework) solution, promoted by SAP Labs Latin America at São Leopoldo – RS. Origen has customers that operate from various segments around the world including Brazil, United States, Europe, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and other Latin American countries. We count on a team of consultants with more than 15 years of experience and knowledge in implementing projects, rollouts, enhancements and support of solutions like SAP ERP, GRC-NFe, PI, GTS, TDF and HANA.

Origen invests in the development of our own solutions (based on SAP technologies) for the Brazilian Market. We are recognized by our customers for our ability to align with the strategic objectives as defined by Corporate (centrally based COE typically outside of Brazil), while facilitating the delivery and execution of implementation projects at the local country level.

SAP Brazil Localization Solution Benefits

Guaranteed compliance with Brazilian laws

Standardization, integration, security and robustness of SAP technologies

Acquire precise information in real time to identify opportunities for simplifying processes, maximizing revenues and reducing risks