Keep up-to-date with a low cost SAP Support model geared towards maintaining compliance for the LATAM region.

Change happens constantly in Latin America. In this competitive and dynamic landscape, how do you anticipate the impact of these changes to your production environment and how do you prevent incidents from occurring while keeping your SAP up-to-date for your Latin American operations?

 Implementing the standard country version localization from SAP is only the first step in the battle. How do you monitor and maintain compliance across multiple countries when you are dealing with major hurdles such as language, cultural-specific nuances, connectivity, configuration, production support, and change management?

When choosing a partner to handle local support for Latin America, it is important to choose one that is familiar with the complexities of the region – a partner with the experience and technological know-how to help you understand the impact of changes to an end-to-end business process and how to determine what SAP-proposed solutions need to be applied.

Origen offers specific AMS support models for Latin America to help you anticipate the impacts of regulatory, business and technological changes in the region.

The goal is to allow you to look past the operational challenges of day-to-day “fire-fighting” and focus on the strategic tasks that will help grow your business in the local markets.

  • Working as an “extension of your team,” Origen can gain a fundamental understanding of your day-to-day business operations and can structure a flexible support engagement to help you stay compliant with a specific business process (NF-e submission, fiscal report generation) or help you manage back-office support needs by using Best Practice recommendations from SAP from a localization or business process perspective.
  • When the government initiates compliance mandates, Origen can help you plan more effectively while at the same time ensuring business continuity. We work in conjunction with your teams through a support engagement. Our keen understanding of key criteria – such as business operation dependencies, resource bandwidth, and your local team’s depth of expertise – allows us to propose a plan that can adjust to your specific needs and ensure timely and cost effective updates.
  • Origen is a highly-recognized SAP AMS provider with operations centers strategically located in near-shore centers (Brazil, Argentina, Mexico) to provide coverage during local business hours, with additional “follow the sun” capabilities for customers that have global operations.
  • Through Origen’s AMS services, we can help you increase operational efficiency, meet evolving business needs, keep systems up-to-date, reduce cost of ownership, and increase innovation by ensuring a stable and flexible IT environment.

SAP Enhancements & Support for Latin America

  • Time and cost reductions using support approaches and solutions developed to complement the SAP roadmap to allow for seamless compliance across Central and South America
  • Monthly communications containing specific compliance content for the respective countries in which you operate to keep you updated on compliance mandates in the region
  • We combine our business knowledge, applications management, and transformation management experience to drive short and long term benefits for our clients
  • Our project implementation expertise and best-in-class support capabilities allow us to build proactive support models instead of a purely reactive service. By utilizing this expertise, our resources will be able to perform an accurate assessment of a given situation and determine the root cause of most common incidents and reduce the overall amount of change requests over time.

As a certified Global SAP Services and Solutions Partner focused on compliance localization, Origen has built a unique and proven practice in Maintenance and Improvement support for Latin American countries.

Our team of local consultants is fully immersed in local regulations and can easily address any new requirements for the Region. Our ‘one-integrated-team’ provides a seamless approach that can basically act as an extension of the client’s organization.

SAP Enhancements & Support for Latin America Solution Benefits

  • Guaranteed compliance with Latin American laws and regulations
  • Anticipate the impacts of business and technological changes
  • Annual planning optimization to address changes within SAP
  • Incident prevention
  • The ability to re-deploy core internal resources to support business growth
  • Build consistency and predictability of service and solution deployment
  • Leverage Origen’s expertise in implementation and solutions support for Fortune 500 companies
  • Cost, time and risk reduction on projects and support initiatives to guarantee compliance from a localization perspective