Centrally manage global trade by obtaining a single repository for all compliance and foreign trade related master data.

Global trade is growing all over the world. Imports and exports are a reality for most companies that want to stay competitive in today’s global economy. However, staying competitive in this business environment is not an easy task.

  • Improve trade management
  • Reduce compliance risks
  • Optimize supply chain performance
  • Maintain trade sanctions and regulations
  • Eliminate doubled efforts by centralizing all master data and content
 The amount of regulations and paperwork necessary to import and export products is time consuming and expensive. Simplifying these processes and making sure all mandatory regulations are being properly fulfilled per compliance guidelines forces many companies to rely on external companies and/or third party software integrated with their back-end ERP solution.

The SAP Global Trade Service (GTS) solution alleviates this pain point by providing a modern platform that allows your company to reduce time involved with manual compliance tasks, accelerate your supply chain, and validate every order with all pertinent global trade regulations. Some features include:

allows the management of trade regulations specific for your country.

reduce costs and time filing declarations.

automate compliance processes.

duty calculations and much more

centralized master data, classification and compliance data.

Origen GTS Advantages

Origen is an SAP COIL (Co-Innovation Labs) partner working on developing a GTS localization for Brazil that covers all regulatory needs and documents.

Origen is a Global SAP Services and Solutions Partner, committed to helping our customers find process-based solutions with a single-minded goal of helping them attain financial and operating success.

As a strategic systems integrator and application support specialist, Origen is uniquely positioned to handle the complex business environments of multinational corporations with specific expertise in Latin American SAP localization projects. We are distinguished as a “Best in Class” SAP Nearshore ecosystem partner providing comprehensive end-to-end SAP consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprises including Fortune 500 companies.

Origen’s culturally diverse team brings a practical hands-on approach to addressing complex SAP business issues such as fiscal and statutory compliance and supply chain optimization with global, regional, and local consulting competencies. We help our clients achieve operational improvements through their existing SAP ERP investment by using a collaborative approach of aligning the IT strategy of the company with the goals of the business ensuring that our customers gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace with sustainable and compliant operations.