Secure, cost-effective, and scalable cloud infrastructure and services.

Opportunity, growth, and change are accelerating relentlessly, placing enormous pressure on companies to deliver services instantly and efficiently. To meet these challenges and maximize these opportunities, you need a new approach.

Origen and SAP have worked closely together to be able to provide the most current version of world-class SAP® software faster without the dedicated staffing requirements and up-front capital expenditure of an on premise deployment. With Origen Technologies, you can focus on managing your business and not IT. All costs associated with purchasing and managing your SAP software are combined in a single subscription fee, giving you greater predictability and control over monthly and quarterly operating expenses.
Origen offerings include SAP Licenses, infrastructure, cloud hosting and managed services that are highly standardized, flexible, and operationally optimized to enable rapid provisioning and scaling.

Origen Technologies provides organizations with a fully integrated, proven SAP software solution to manage critical business processes in a cloud-based offering. A single monthly subscription fee includes software, hardware, service, and support – a “one-stop shop” for all your business application operational needs.

Origen Technologies handles the entire process from deployment, application and infrastructure management services, to ongoing maintenance and support. We also provide software updates to help ensure that you are always running the most current version and have updated compliance measures in place. Applications and servers are located in highly secure data centers that feature an array of physical and network safeguards to protect your sensitive business data.
We are qualified to help you determine the right solution and configuration for your business requirements so that you can get started quickly and only pay for the software you need. As your needs change, you can adapt and extend the software with add-on solutions that have been built by SAP software solution and technology partners to fulfill industry-specific and other needs.

Origen SAP SaaS Advantages:

Spend less time and energy building and maintaining IT systems. Let the talented people in your organization focus on what they do best – innovation, delivering quality products, and providing superior customer service.

Instead of hiring your own dedicated staff and procuring your own IT infrastructure, lower your total cost of ownership by leveraging the expertise, centralized resources, and scale that only Origen Technologies can provide.

Mitigate the uncertainty of anticipating your future software usage requirements and operating costs. Gain predictability and control by consolidating software, hardware, and support costs into a single, per-user, monthly subscription fee.

Avoid up-front costs’ impact on your cash flow and balance sheet, and lengthy approval cycles associated with capital expense financing. Pay as you go using your operating expense budget to free up cash and maintain the financial agility your business needs.

Don’t wait longer than you need to get up and running! Take advantage of the core competencies and infrastructure maintained by Origen to start realizing business value faster.

Never fall behind on the latest fixes, enhancements, and new features of SAP software. Let Origen help ensure that you’re always running the most current technology.

As a certified Global SAP Services and Solutions Partner, Origen has proven, comprehensive SAP capabilities with extensive implementation, upgrade, and application support experience. We have the skills, people, processes, infrastructure and experience required for your needs.

Origen has dedicated SAP Centers of Excellence in Latin America and brings years of regional experience to the table. Our track record for “rescuing” challenged projects along with our collaborative approach to project and risk management culminates in faster and better results for our customers.

Origen SAP SaaS Solution Benefits:

Preserve cash and gain more control over you expenses with a subscription-based OpEx model.

Eliminate almost all upfront hardware and software investments.

Save 37-39% in implementation, continuous improvement projects and upgrades and reduce spending on IT operations by 29%.