Simplify Finance. Stay compliant. Save time and money by reducing operational costs associated with auditing.

Comply with Brazil’s e-invoicing regulations

Generate accurate and real-time data for informed decision making

Optimize your fiscal department

Integrate and automate e-invoicing processes while continuing to operate efficiently and effectively

Simplifying tax management processes is one of the biggest challenges for the fiscal, accounting, financial and IT departments for Brazilian companies or MNC’s with Brazilian operations. Companies unsuccessfully try to handle the complex legal and statutory compliance requirements for Brazil by either using numerous spreadsheets that are error-prone or by engaging a 3rd party local software provider that manipulate your system of record creating an integration and maintenance nightmare. The reality is that local fiscal and tax compliance teams typically face a daily battle to handle the various tax and legal obligations needed to operate successfully in Brazil.

Legal compliance in Brazil is not “just a bit more” complex than other countries, it not uncommon for a company to spend an average of 2,600 hours to prepare reporting and pay taxes which is 10 times more cumbersome than the traditional time spent in U.S. or European countries. Fulfilling all these requirements in order to remain compliant with SPED presents a complex set of challenges that can affect core business processes.

The SAP ACR Brazil Option is specifically intended to alleviate this pain point by providing a modern platform on SAP’s high performance in-memory database, HANA.

SAP ACR  allows companies to consolidate all relevant fiscal and reporting data from multiple SAP and non-SAP backend systems in a Central Tax Repository (CTR). Some features include:

  • High performance platform to centralize data for legal reporting
  • Enables integrated tax process across systems
  • Provides governance for highest legal compliance
  • Allows predictive analysis and optimization of taxes
  • Connects multiple systems (SAP and non-SAP) in a unique HANA database

Origen ACR Advantages:

Origen is an SAP Co-Innovation Labs (COIL) partner and has co-developed with SAP Co-Innovation Labs in São Leopoldo, RS a Fiscal Dashboard that delivers the following advantages:

all team activities can now be planned and monitored from a single location

simplifies management of payables and recoverable taxes through analysis by company, branch and dates

groups the legal obligations of SAP standard + product Origen SAP Legal Reports, offering more than 10 additional legal obligations to the traditionally offered SAP standard base reports

centralized access to key SAP transactions used in the closing process

implements the "Impostômetro" concept, allowing visualization of GL account balances for payable/recoverable taxes and also totals by NFe type

product is built on TDF and HANA platform, enabling significant gains in performance, integration, real-time analysis capabilities, and increased simplicity due to the use of a single fiscal repository (CTR) and in-memory technology

As a certified Global SAP Services and Solutions Partner, Origen has proven comprehensive SAP capabilities with extensive implementation, upgrade, and application support experience.

Origen is also the official SAP partner for offering Cloud solutions and the only American-based company that participates as an SAP COIL (Co-Innovation Lab) Partner for the SAP SAP ACR Brazil Option solution, promoted by SAP Labs Latin America at São Leopoldo. Origen has customers that operate from various segments around the world including Brazil, United States, Europe, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and other Latin American countries. We count on a team of consultants with more than 15 years of experience and knowledge in implementing projects, rollouts, enhancements, and support of solutions like SAP ERP, GRC-NF-e, PI, GTS, ACR and HANA. Origen invests in the development of our own solutions based on SAP technologies for the Brazilian Market and is recognized by our customers for our ability to align with the strategic objectives defined by Corporate (centrally based COE typically located outside of Brazil), while facilitating the delivery and execution of implementation projects at the local country level.

Origen SAP TDF Solution Benefits

Paradigm shift for handling Brazilian compliance

Integrates multiple systems

Reduces audit and operating costs

Integrates standard and non-standard activities in a single dashboard