Address the needs of key users with expert, targeted, and cost-effective SAP Training & Assessment.

Insufficient training budgets, lack of access to useful and appropriate training materials, poorly defined guidelines, and insufficient time allocated for training purposes can all present challenges to managers and users that negatively impact their performance in an SAP Environment*.

The recommendation from the SAP user community (more than 48%), believes they need to undergo an average of 31 hours of training in order to be ready to deal with their responsibilities. But the reality is that the majority of users receive less than 10 hours of training before the burden of performing successfully in a new responsibility is placed upon them. This should be a wake-up call for most organizations.

Successful companies don’t accept excuses when it comes to developing and improving the quality of work from their employees. In three years, every company in the world will train employees, and 85% of all corporate learning will be provided online.

To meet these challenges and maximize these opportunities, you need a new approach. Origen’s approach for SAP Training follows a comprehensive model: we analyze the demands of the company in terms of training before we provide the best solution to address the budget, training requirements, and cultural nuances of the organization. Origen’s training approach will competently train your staff using the best technologies available and provide high quality and impactful training material according to specific business needs and budget guidelines.

2015 MMC SAP Training Survey; with 1430 respondents from 78 countries. 80% work with SAP only daily basis: end/power users; business/IT analysts; consultants; system admin/technical.

Use the right model for training and assessment according to company needs

Use the right model for training and assessment according to company needs

Origen Technologies aims to provide organizations with a specific training approach according to their respective needs. As your organization adopts the solution, one can adapt and extend the training content, change the mechanism for delivery or even increase the number of qualified professionals needed from the Origen team to attend to your company needs.

Origen Training and Assessment Advantages

Continue to mitigate some of the resistance issues that start to emerge as the SAP implementation comes closer to the organization

Conduct training needs assessments to understand the impact of change within the organization and impart the skills your employees and management will need to adopt the new features of an SAP system

Describe the support strategy for the SAP solution and address how future changes will be implemented and supported

As a certified Global SAP Services and Solutions Partner, Origen has proven, comprehensive SAP capabilities with extensive implementation, upgrade, and application support experience. We have the skills, people, processes, infrastructure and experience required for your needs.

Origen has dedicated SAP Centers of Excellence in Latin America and brings years of regional experience to the table. Our track record for “rescuing” challenged projects along with our collaborative approach to project and risk management culminates in faster and better results for our customers.