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SAP Localization and Rollout to Argentina

Aptar Group Argentina

Functionality: New Plant creation (production & distribution center) under SAP standard rules + AR localization


The Aptar Group family of companies is the leader in the global dispensing systems industry. They have over half a century of experience operating in the ever-changing consumer packaging world, with 13,000 dedicated employees and a manufacturing presence in 18 countries.


Aptar engaged with Origen to support the business requirement  of  physically moving a Production Plant together with Distribution Center for a new Argentine location (Berazategui) lowering the impact on master data migration, business processes and operational activities during the transition phase. The situation at the time of the project was a Company (Aptar) with the SAP global template implemented a year prior, but the key users were not trained well enough and with post go live issues still not solved which made the project and adoption of the system even more of a challenge.

Feedback from Aptar:

  • Having senior professionals on Origen team was the key factor on this successful implementation (due to failed experiences Aptar had in the past, consultants had already been carefully selected as 2 screenings with Aptar Global Team in Italy were requested to be passed)
  • Excellent knowledge of Argentina localization for SAP
  • Bilingual consultants (English-Spanish) also required due to constant interaction with Aptar Global Team in Italy and project documentation
  • Flexibility to support users even in processes out of the scope of the project (issues opened from prior implementation performed by other SI).
  • The leadership demonstrated by Origen project manager also made it possible not having an Aptar PM fully allocated to the project


New integrated plant (Production + Distribution Center) running physically and logically on the same place, working under APTAR 1 SAP Global Template fulfilling AR localization requirements.

Project Team:

  • 11 key users – Aptar
  • 6 Origen Consultants + Project Manager


25 weeks