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Block K 2020 – New companies required from January 2020

Despite MP (“provisional measure”) 881/19 and Law 13,874 / 19 (“Economic Freedom Law”) have renewed the debate on the simplification and mandatory delivery of Block K, it is worth remembering that so far nothing has changed. Therefore, according to the mandatory schedule in force, the COMPLETE delivery of Block K to Fiscal SPED will begin to be mandatory from January 2020 for companies with annual revenues from R$ 300 MM and companies of sectors: Manufacture of machines, devices and electronic materials and Manufacture of other transport equipment, except motor vehicles.

And you, readers of Origen Tax News, already have your SAP ECC or SAP TDF ready to generate Block K?

What to do to get SAP ready?

  • Origen checks its version of EhP (Enhancement Package) and SP (Support Package) to determine which SAP notes and SP (Support Package) are needed to update the functionalities related to SPED Fiscal;
  • Through a very detailed Blueprint, we help your company to confirm which records in Block K are applicable, if the processes in the source modules MM, PP and SD are adequate for the data required in block K;
  • Quality of material master data and technical list (BOM) is fundamental for block K. We offer consultancy and we can provide reports to help you with the sanitation work;
  • We carry out the necessary configurations and developments for Block K. We promote governance and knowledge transfer to your company’s IT area, through the delivery of intuitive and detailed functional and technical specifications;
  • We elaborate detailed test scripts, guaranteeing wide coverage of scenarios and quality of information that will be reported in all records and fields in block K;
  • We implement it from end to end: we generate the file in SAP, import it in PVA, analyze the inconsistencies, indicate and make corrections until the file is 100% validated;
  • We train business users in the different generation scenarios of Block K, including teaching them how to ensure that the source data (in MM, PP and SD) are correct and how to autonomously analyze inconsistencies;
  • We provide very close monitoring when you are generating the first files in the production environment;
  • We recommend process improvements in the MM, PP and SD modules to optimize the generation of Block K, ensuring greater compliance and reducing the need for manual adjustments to the file or PVA.

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