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Get to know the Origen SAP ACR solution (Advanced Compliance Reporting)

A new feature announced by SAP this year is the change of the name of the SAP TDF (Tax Declaration Framework) for Brazil to SAP ACR (Advanced Compliance Reporting) Brazil Option. In addition to the name change, other news is relevant to share. We will publish more details soon as further information is provided by SAP.

Origen has a complementary solution to SAP ACR that is also an SAP Certified Partner Applications on SAP HANA. Please see how our solution contributes to a new level of excellent and performance for fiscal reporting management in Brazil:


Why Choose the SAP ACR Source Solution?

  • Developed in partnership with SAP COIL (Co-Innovation Lab) in Brazil;
  • Already created and in production under the SAP TDF solution (no adaptation of existing fiscal product, creation of connectors for TDF / ACR, etc.);
  • Origen does not offer competing fiscal products as part of their offering (non-ACR), and does not charge separate licensing for our SAP ACR Partner solution;
  • Exclusive Single-Market provider for SAP ACR product offered in a SaaS model;


Quality certified by SAP!


Simple, robust and scalable Functional Architecture


Technical Architecture based on the best SAP tools and practices


Automatic filling of values ​​from G / L account balances / cost center


Emphasis of implementation and support looking at the end-to-end process:


Origen’s Tax and Fiscal expertise is second to none in the market:

  • Origen’s experience and focus with large global companies and fiscal projects bring greater maturity to product evolution and compliance assurance in global template environments;
  • Origen Team routinely re-certifies their SAP ACR Partner solution and performs periodic training in the tax area to keep up to date and offer the most up to date knowledge for our customer and prospect base;
  • We can assist our clients in the connection and coordination of Brazil Fiscal reporting to public agencies, audits and tax consultancy companies;
  • Proactive planning and research to provide best-in-class service offering to the SAP ACR customer base;
  • SAP Certified Consulting teams
  • Robust Product Documentation allowing our customers to become self-sufficient over time and achieve full adoption of SAP ACR sustainability


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