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SAP AMS Safe Harbor for Brazil/LATAM

The SAP AMS model that helps to reduce costs, mitigate risk, and anticipate the impact of legal and technological changes.

Latin America faces the challenge of having some of the most complex tax systems in the world. Companies are subject to numerous obligations on federal, state, and municipal levels.

The complex statutory and fiscal reporting environments require suppliers to abandon standardized approaches of “broad-based” support in favor of tailored support plans that leverage the region’s complex and dynamic characteristics.

As a solution to this challenge, Origen created the SAP AMS Safe Harbor for Brazil and LATAM, a unique service offering that changes the dynamic for how companies can maintain compliant with their Latin American operations while staying on the SAP roadmap. It enables companies to obtain better visibility and anticipate the impact of legal and technological changes allowing them to run their business more effectively in the region.

Origen Safe Harbor package is a tailor-made SAP AMS support package that is built to meet customer specific requirements related to localization compliance and support for Brazil and Latin American countries. This service provides companies the ability to better plan for compliance initiatives and identify cost reduction, risk mitigation, and time saving measures.

The benefits

  • One-monthly fee to cover compliance changes, day to day operational support, and technical updates needed from an SAP perspective
  • Eliminates the “mini-project” scenarios for unplanned budget
  • Solutions built on SAP to augment compliance roadmap
  • Sustainable day-to-day operations in Brazil/ LATAM
  • Monthly communication updates containing specific content
  • Better visibility to upcoming compliance updates
  • Origen resources who on average have 10+ years of experience
  • Utilize solutions developed by Origen to complement SAP standard functionality
  • Change of budget appropriation approach: CAPEX->OPEX
  • One project coordinator for all activities related to compliance (new requests and current support) having an overall visibility of resources and project plan demands
  • Bilingual/Trilingual consultants (English-Spanish, English-Portuguese, Spanish-Portuguese) is a key factor to better address business requirements and support testing

Origen’s SAP Safe Harbor packages also provide support and guidance for SAP solutions to keep compliant with on-going legal change requirements.

As a result, you get the ability to:

– comply with legal regulations. This can be accomplished on time, with fixed costs, and without the need to find additional funds for unplanned budget expenses.

– engage your critical IT resources in areas where you may not have direct experience or know-how.

– plan and coordinate resource capacity between projects that might have competing or overlapping interests.

Safe Harbor is a “one-stop” shop SAP AMS support model that can be tailor made to enable a complete sustainability path for your Latin American operations while staying on an SAP-centric roadmap.


Photo by Henrik Hedegaard on Unsplash