Safe Harbor

Reduce cost, mitigate risk, and anticipate the impact of legal and technological changes.

Brazil has one of the most complex tax systems in the world and companies are subject to numerous obligations on federal, state, and municipal levels. SAP provides a comprehensive enterprise solution localized for Brazil operations that helps companies simplify all aspects of managing the company value chain such as financials, procurement, logistics, customer engagement, commerce, human resources, and more.

 While various transactions, documents, and postings created and stored within SAP form the basis for relevant reporting information, the specific way Brazilian authorities expect the data to be reported in conjunction with the electronic invoicing requirement for Brazil (NFe) and the abundance of complex regulations, differing formats, and protocols require additional oversight from a strategic partner that can help you navigate this complex landscape.

How does one anticipate the impacts of these legal and technological changes to your SAP system? How does one keep track of the updates SAP provides to maintain compliance options? And better yet, how do you determine which notes to apply and what will be their impact on your business and local IT teams?

Origen‘s SAP Compliance Service for Brazil is a unique service offering that enables companies to obtain better visibility and anticipate the impact of legal and technological changes to allow you to better plan for compliance initiatives while mitigating risks, increasing supply chain inefficiencies, and reducing costs.

The main features include:

  • Access to the latest versions of Origen products for addressing legal requirements specific for Brazil
  • Monthly compliance updates from Origen with information on the necessary actions that need to be addressed in SAP to attend to Brazilian legal requirements such as: OSS notes application, Support package actualization, new functionalities/configuration, new products, etc.
  • Recommendations from Origen on how to improve planning, identify cost reduction measures, and optimize internal resource capacities to support Brazilian legal requirement management
  • Base package offering of monthly support to help you manage enhancements/corrections from SAP so you can focus on your core business

SAP Compliance Service for Brazil Advantages

  • Time and cost reduction
  • Risk mitigation
  • Ability to enable internal resources to focus on core IT or business related tasks instead of attending to legal requirement updates etc.
  • When SAP does not have solutions to address compliance, Origen develops solutions built on SAP to augment the compliance roadmap to allow for sustainable day to day operations in Brazil
  • Monthly communication updates containing specific content that provides better visibility to upcoming compliance updates as mandated by the government and recommended actions that need to be taken to ensure compliance
  • Leveraging the experience and skillset of Origen resources who on average have 10+ years of experience in implementing SAP Brazilian localization, developing solutions specifically for the Brazilian marketplace, and providing solution support to attend to fiscal obligations

As a recognized “Go-To-Market” SAP Partner, Origen specializes in implementation and development in all areas of SAP Brazil localization to guarantee compliance for the logistics, financial, and foreign trade compliance requirements for operating in Brazil.

Origen is also the official SAP partner for offering Cloud solutions and the only American-based company that participates as an SAP COIL (Co-Innovation Lab) Partner for the SAP TDF (Tax Declaration Framework) solution, promoted by SAP Labs Latin America at São Leopoldo. Origen has customers that operate from various segments around the world including Brazil, United States, Europe, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and other Latin American countries. We count on a team of consultants with more than 15 years of experience and knowledge in implementing projects, rollouts, enhancements, and support of solutions like SAP ERP, GRC-NFe, PI, GTS, TDF and HANA. Origen invests in the development of our own solutions based on SAP technologies for the Brazilian Market and is recognized by our customers for our ability to align with the strategic objectives defined by Corporate (centrally based COE typically located outside of Brazil), while facilitating the delivery and execution of implementation projects at the local country level.

Origen AMS LATAM Benefits

  • Guaranteed compliance with Brazilian fiscal and statutory regulations
  • Anticipate the impacts of legal and technological changes
  • Annual planning optimization to attend to SAP recommended updates
  • Cost, time, and risk reduction on projects and support initiatives to guarantee on-going compliance on SAP
  • Origen expertise in implementation and solutions support for global companies.