Webinar eDocument Framework

Governments of several countries in the world, mainly in Latin America, have digital transformation programs focused on tax, accounting, financial, customs and labor governance. Such initiatives involve complex legal requirements and document types that relate to data from virtually all business operations and processes. These standards are constantly changing and require information to be stored securely, traceable and accessible to different entities and individuals.

The SAP eDocument Framework solution enables the compliance of electronic documents from several countries, through a single SAP platform. In addition to invoices, other types of electronic documents are supported by the solution, such as: payment vouchers, tax withholding certificates, debit / credit notes, tickets, delivery / transportation documents, among others.

This webinar will bring you information and details about this unique solution that can help you in the challenges:

– How to achieve and maintain compliance?

– How to deal with different systems and suppliers to meet the legal requirements of each country?

– How to make all the information correct and centralized only in my SAP system, without the need to use third party software and manage problems with data synchronization?